Effective October 1, 2021

We will no longer be charging a different rate from day usage to night usage; one rate will be applied to the instrument regardless of what time of day the instrument is used.
Going forward, SEM and TEM will have separate rates. Please see below.

SEM Equipment use (Teneo and Helios) $95.00/hr plus applicable overhead

TEM Equipment use (Tecnai and Titan) $88.00/hr plus applicable overhead

Labor (includes training) $155.00/hr plus applicable overhead

New surcharge associated with ISU worktags
Effective March 26, 2021, a surcharge will be added to the hourly rate (after overheads) for all ISU charges to worktags. We understand that the impact of these changes is not insignificant, and you are encouraged to talk with your Associate Deans for Research about the hardship this creates for your projects.