FEI Tecnai G2-F20

Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM)

The Tecnai is an efficient and easy operation microscope with excellent analytical capabilities. The upgraded instrument will have a fast CCD camera to allow for in situ studies. It will maintain all the current capabilities and its techniques will include EDS, EELS, tomography, electron holography and Lorentz microscopy.

  • A 200 kV scanning and transmission TEM for analytical nanostructure analysis.
  • High resolution TEM/ Imaging mode has point to point resolution < 0.25 nm and line to line resolution < 0.10 nm.
  • There are three imaging modes for scanning (STEM): bright field, dark field and high-angle annular detectors.
  • Elemental analysis can be performed using energy-dispersive spectroscopy in STEM mode for point, line and mapping analyses.
  • Energy filter imaging and energy loss spectroscopy can be performed using the Gatan Tritium GIF system.
  • Tomography for 3D reconstructions can be performed in either TEM or STEM mode.
  • Magnetic domain imaging, including holography, can be done using the Lorentz Lens and/or Biprism.